Word of Life Update

To the students and parents of Summit Student Ministries and Horeb Christian School:

We sadly share that we will be unable to attend Word of Life Camp in the summer of 2020. COVID-19 has affected many, especially in the Florida region. Due to the nature of the situation, we waited to hear from the staff at Word of Life Florida Camp. In the health and safety guidelines that were recently released, Word of Life stated that they were not going to be accepting campers from Broward, Miami Dade, Palm Beach or NY, CT, NJ or LA.

We are saddened by the news, but we also value the health and safety of our students. We have decided to move our reservation from WOL Camp to the following 2021 year.

Above we attached the guidelines and regulations for Word of Life Florida Camps, if you would like more information in regards to the matter.

If you have any questions regarding camp, please contact Pastor Jorge Granda at our church office (305) 821-3632.

Blessings from,

Summit Student Ministries and Horeb Baptist Church